How this works

I am not a “Used Car Dealer” and do not wish to become one. I do not want a used-car lot, an inventory, or any overhead whatsoever. I am a Licensed Vehicle Manufacturer, but that is another story – see the “About Us” section for more details.  I am, however, a LandCruiser fanatic, and in these transactions, I am a broker.

So How Does This Work?

First, unless otherwise noted on the website, all of these vehicles listed are six weeks away in Japan; I simply do not order a vehicle from Japan until it is ordered by a customer here; And that causes an issue – How to pay?  And you have two choices, both of which cost exactly the same –


Overly simplified, you will choose the car you want, at which time I will provide you with the Japanese seller’s payment instructions, which are always via international wire.  ALL sellers in Japan require 100% of the car payment up-front, as well as shipping costs before the vehicle goes on a boat.  I will prepare all documentation for USDOT, EPA, Homeland Security, brokerage, shipping lines, and handle all required coordination and communication between all parties involved.  There will be two smaller wires required, one to brokerage/customs and another to the shipping yard.  ALL wires must be completed within 24 hours of my written request.  In six weeks, your vehicle is in port, at which time you wire me my profit, and I hand you the vehicle, paperwork, and keys.


You pay me the purchase price of the vehicle.  All of the above happens, but with no hassle to you, and in six weeks I hand you the vehicle, paperwork, and keys.

I do the same amount of work, make the same amount of profit regardless of which choice you use above – one just let’s you have control over the money, which is completely understandable.

If using choice #1, all payments are by bank wire (not ACH, not bill-pay, BANK WIRE.  All wire receipts are needed)

If using choice #2, Payment is by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, ACH (all thru Quicken) cash, check, money order, or bank wire. There is a 5% surcharge when paying with Credit Card, and check/money order must be sent overnight using a tracking number.

You will also notice that I completely disclose how much I am paying for each vehicle, I also disclose all costs, and I disclose my profits.  I even offer to give you the name of the seller if you want to do it yourself!

CAUTION – I will not “hold” a vehicle, as inventory changes daily.

Regarding the prices that you see on the website associated with each vehicle; The listed price includes EVERY cost associated with putting this vehicle in Allentown, PA. There are NO additional fees whatsoever. As all my vehicles are over 25 years old, they do not need any modifications to be entirely legal for on-road, full-speed use in the USA. Buyers are furnished with the car, the keys and ALL of the paperwork required to obtain a valid title in every state in the nation.

Prices are completely, 100%, set-in-stone non-negotiable.

Unconditional, No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee – Your Invoice will show this in writing as well; Papp Brothers Automotive UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEES 100% satisfaction with your purchase, with sole remedy being the return of the vehicle’s full purchase price (not including any shipping costs)