About Us

I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world.

“Unusual-Auto.Com” was never supposed to be a business.  I am Managing Director of Papp Brothers Automotive, LTD, a company that has imported vehicles since 2006, and I worked for years to import, federalize, and sell the holy grail of Toyota LandCruisers, the 70 series double-cab, in the USA.  For close to 3 decades people have tried to do this, and Papp Brothers Automotive, LTD finally did it.  Although I am no longer personally or professionally associated with this ongoing project, it was incredibly satisfying.

I saw JDM Micro Trucks a while back, and I fell in love.  I also believed I could make some spending money with them.  I had 12 years automotive import experience, so I ordered a few, which sold in a few minutes.  I don’t have a car lot, and I don’t want one, I simply import for those that know what they want, and I get it for them.  I figured I would make a little money on each vehicle to pay some extra bills.  Which then connected to my love of LandCruisers….

Importing 25 year old Toyota LandCruisers is not rocket science.  Why I didn’t start doing this sooner, I have no idea, but I can probably say my best motivation was from a “person” that I know of that sells these at an enormous profit, and makes it sound like he is doing brain surgery when doing so.  It isn’t that hard when you know how.  So I thank him for the motivation. ($500 off your purchase price if you let me mention you purchased from me and not him on my website!)

If you notice, I completely disclose how much I am paying for each vehicle, I disclose all costs, and disclose my profits.  I even offer to give you the name of the seller if you want to do it yourself!  I LOVE doing this.  I find cars, negotiate purchases, arrange shipping, and deliver cars for less money than you can get anywhere in the United States.  I don’t have an inventory, and I hopefully never will – this endeavor is to make money, not tie up money in inventory, a garage, a car lot.

I plan on doing this for as long as I can – like I said, I enjoy it, it is unbelievably fun, and I meet hundreds of new people, and 4-6 new buyers a week.  To do something like this after my regular day job, and to look forward to it daily, is a true blessing.